[UE4] Modular Building – Lightmap guide

Dreaming of modular building? Big cities or just some interiors? But not sure how it would work with Unreal Engine 4? If you ever been playing with Bethesda Creation Kit you know how those worlds are build, they are build from reusable assets or kits. Star Citizen is another example(<- link). So why can't we do … Continue reading [UE4] Modular Building – Lightmap guide


Blender – Worn edges (Photoshop)

Contents UV Map Creating Maps and Baking Photoshop Result Summary Extras Painting in Blender Grayscale/Roughness (Map) Rust Photoshop Problems Rendering Files and Q&A (Comments) Workflow introduction If you google "worn edges" or "destroyed edges 3d modelling" it just throws you bunch of addons which is frustrating. If you don't wan't to use addons and go … Continue reading Blender – Worn edges (Photoshop)

Blender – Shortcuts, Buttons and Tricks in one place

Most of the shortcuts for Object, Edit, Uv mode. This is more like to-get-things-done list and doesn't represent everything. Took me about 10 months to learn all this, through hundreds of youtube videos and blender docs. So i hope you save some time. Basic Mouse Left Set 3D Cursor location Mouse Right Select Mousewheel hold … Continue reading Blender – Shortcuts, Buttons and Tricks in one place