Blender – Shortcuts, Buttons and Tricks in one place

Most of the shortcuts for Object, Edit, Uv mode. This is more like to-get-things-done list and doesn’t represent everything. Took me about 10 months to learn all this, through hundreds of youtube videos and blender docs. So i hope you save some time.


Mouse Left Set 3D Cursor location
Mouse Right Select
Mousewheel hold Rotate viewport
-Hold Shift to move.
Tab Switch between object and edit mode.
G Move selection
  -Move in one axis, Y, X, Z.
  -Multiple axis, Axis → Shift + Axis (works with Scale and Rotato too)
S Y, X, Z
  -Level/Flatten Selection, Axis → 0
  -Flip, Axis → Minus Button → 1
R Rotate
  -Y, X, Z.
Alt + S Shrink/Fatten
  -S or Alt For even thickness.
Z Wireframe
A Select/Deselect All
L Select Islands
C Select with circle
  -Scale with mouse wheel.
E Extrude
Ctrl + B  Bevel
Shift + Tab Snapping
Shift + D Dublicate
Alt + D Linked Dublicate
H Hide
Alt + H Unhide

Menus (Edit Mode)

X Delete
  -Del works too but X is closer.


W Specials
  -Your favorite.


Ctrl + Alt + Shift + C Set Origin/Pivot


Ctrl + F Faces


Ctrl + V Vertices


Ctrl + H Hooks


U Unwrap
-Start unwrapping so you can paint textures.


Screen Layout


T Left Panel
-If you wanna find a solution with your eyes


N Right panel
-Object scales, viewport settings.l


Shift + A Add meshes


P Separate
-Separates selection into another object.


Render, render layers, scene, world, object data, constraints, modifiers, mesh data, material, texture, particles and physics.


If you don’t remember just click the Mesh text, you can see in the pic below:


Menus (Object Mode)

Ctrl + A Reset, Location, Scale

Camera/viewport (num pad)

, (comma) Focus on selection
0 Swith between viewport and camera (if it’s added)
5 Perspective/Ortho
7 Top Ortho, Z axis
3 Right Ortho, X axis
1 Front Ortho, Y Axis
9 Bottom Ortho
4 Rotate Left
6 Rotate Right
8 Rotate Up
2 Rotate Down
Shift + C Reset distance and 3D Cursor location (only in object mode)


Ctrl + R Loop subdivide
  -You can’t live without this.
  -How pros use it:
K Knife Tool
  -Add edges wherever you like.
Menu → Mesh → Bisect  
  -Cutting tool.
Recalculate Faces Ctrl + N
  -Flips drawing surface(s) in correct direction. Won’t always do perfect job though.
Triangulate Faces Ctrl + N
  -For Cleaning n-gons.
Faces menu Tris to Quads
  -Quads are always better then tris.
Smart Uv Project U
  -When you don’t have time for manual unwrapping.
  -Always uncheck ”Stretch to uv bounds”, it will ruin it. Rather use pack islands.
Pack Islands Ctrl + P (uv edit mode)
  -Margin settings goes to mesh edit window (left panel) for some reason but you can get the settings panel out it with F6 on uv editing window.
Get Rid of Gridfloor N → Display → Grid Floor
Better start up setup Start up fresh new Blender window. Delete camera and cube, then just go to: File → Save Startupfile.
Bridge Edge loops Specials menu
  -Best way to fill empty space between edges. F should be like the last option.
Smoothing Specials menu
  -If it’s a ball, add. If it’s a cube, don’t.
Slide Ctrl + V -> Slide
  -When you wan’t to move something along angled path.

Modifiers you should know about

Boolean – make holes, combine or just interact with another object.
Remesh – Rebuilds your whole mesh with quads.
Decimate – Less faces/vertices.
Array – Dublicates your object in desired axis.
Mirror – If you need to build something like human face, so you only need to model half of the face.
Subdivision Surface & Multiresolution – Adds more geometry/faces to your mesh and so makes it look more detailed. It’s pretty quad based.

Clean up Procedure, before you unwrap

1. Remove Doubles ( W )
2. Reset Rotation & Scale (Ctrl + A)
3. Fix Faces Direction (Ctrl + N)
4. Fix Pivot Location (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + C):

For rendering in Blender do origin to geometry.
Exporting for game engines, substance softwares other rendering platforms do: Origin to 3D cursor → Geometry to origin. Ctrl + C for resetting the 3D cursor if it’s not in zero place.

If you are doing something messy, better do this before “Remove Doubles” option: Mesh → Clean Up → Fill Holes.

Fbx export options you can find on my other tutorials.


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