Blender and Unreal Engine 4 – Going Commercial

If you are interested in working with Blender like building Levels, Props or anything, and make it work in Unreal Engine 4, plus sell it. There are some things you need to know, before you can sell it to the World. Your mesh may look just awesome in Cycles but when you import it in Unreal Engine 4, that’s the point where your life comes crashing down. Though you can’t really compare Cycles and UE4, picture render and game engine cause it literally is day and night.

Get rid of N-Gons


Plugin that will show you n-gons

Uv Mapping


Before you Export


Checklist – Before you sell


  • No n-gons. Only Quads and tris, more quads more better.
  • Perfect light maps.
  • PBR (Requires Substance Painter).
  • Smoothing everywhere (no hard edges).
  • Real World Scales.
  • Clean names.
  • Mesh can take Subsurface Modifier and keep its geometry, Suzanne is a good example.
  • Vert count as low as possible (low poly).

Have some LODs. If your object is designed to be used only once, in one level and it has less then 5000 verts then you don’t really need LODs.

200k vertices in one level is good, 1mill vertices is bad. But it all matters how much your graphic card is currently handling.

What i get with gtx 660: 100k = 120fps, 500k = 60-90fps, 1mill = 30fps.

Sometimes mipmaps can give you these white or black edges. It gets worse with large textures and there’s always some with 8192 and 4096 textures.

If you paint with Substance Painter it usually deals great with them and you don’t need to worry about it.

If you paint with photoshop or gimp always expand/grow base colors over uv island.


How much you should expand:

8k textures = 16 pixels

4k texture = 8 pixels

And so on…


Pivot Location

Keep pivot in 3D cursor spot and mesh located close to it (shift+c -> ctrl+alt+shift+c -> Origin to 3D Cursors).


Almost same thing with multiple objects but you need to be able to scale whole packet together, so set pivot according to that.


Let’s say if you have a car. Body has its own object and wheels + suspensions are another object and pivot for both objects are in same spot it will scale fine. But if pivot is located center of geometry for both objects, they will scale wrong.

Pivot in same spot:


Pivot in different places:


I cheated there little bit cause Blender doesn’t care much about pivot, it will scale it correct anyway, but the picture shows you the result you get in UE4.

If mesh is far away from zero spot it will import, but you may never find the mesh in ue4 after you drag it in level.


List is very big, but give it couple months and it will be drilled down into your brain.

You should also check out UE4 Marketplace Guidelines.

If you are planning to build a game then this is perfect thing for you, you will avoid several problems.

Believe it or not but you are now ready to make saleable-games, assets and so on.

Please check out: Texel Density tutor on Artstation by this awesome Ubisoft guy.




  • LOD = Level of Detail
  • Vert = Vertice
  • UE4 = Unreal Engine 4
  • PBR = Physically based rendering
  • Smoothing = Smooth Shading
  • Mesh = Static mesh / Object
  • Suzanne = Monkey from add object list (shift+a)
  • Zero Spot = Location 0,0,0

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